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ZD4 - Stylish, Light, Smart!

Our sturdiest dumper is now lighter and has more smart details thanks to smart engineering and new design. And as probably the lowest on the market, it looks more stylish on the chassis. Unique design solutions that make us once again the trendsetters.

ZD4 - For you who wants to load more and earn more!

ZD4 combi with "Fifth-Wheel"

ZD4-K has been engineered to optimise loads where the need for flexibility is the greatest. Fitted with a turntable on the auxiliary frame and dumper bucket equipped with quick-lock, its flexibility is second to none.

EuroDumper with Zetmatic side tipping

The Zetmatic EuroDumper has been engineered for loads where side tipping is commonplace. Tipping is manoeuvred from the cab, with the dumped masses ending up some way from the truck and therefore not obstructing wheels or causing damage.

EuroDumper with Euromatic side opening

Euromatic makes the dumper more flexible thanks to hydraulic side opening which allows simple and quick loading of cargo.
EuroDumper is available in various dimensions and with various options.

EuroPipe – maximum load capacity

When our customers can utilise their trucks more efficiently and earn the most from each load, it's then we're happy, it's then we've succeeded. Our design, engineering and choice of materials has produced a semi-round dumper optimised to give maximum load capacity, while at the same time being able to withstand tough handling and with high demands on stability. A dumper with smart solutions in engineering and choice of materials. Solutions that not only our customers want to take advantage of. Our claim is that Europipe has the prerequisites that a halfpipe in a tough environment should have. A low weight allows a greater load capacity, an important factor when it comes to cost efficiency.

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